How to add drafts to Eleventy

This post will show you how to build draft functionality on your Eleventy blog. This will let you add draft: true to the frontmatter of your posts to hide it from post feeds. To get started, you’ll need to add a collection to your .eleventy.js config file. In this example, I create an articles collection and filter out the posts that are marked as drafts:

module.exports = function (eleventy) {
// ...

eleventy.addCollection("articles", posts =>
.getFilteredByGlob("./posts/*.md") // Point this to your posts
.filter(post => !

// ...

In the example above, I named my collection “articles” (it’s the string I passed in as the first argument in addCollection). On the posts index, you can now iterate over that array to list your posts:

{% for post in collections.articles reversed %}
<a href="{{ post.url }}">
{{ }}
{% endfor %}

If you’re iterating over your posts in other places, such as on a sitemap, you’ll want to make sure to add the filter there, too, or to check against the existence of draft in order to hide it.

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