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How to make a Jekyll _pages directory

Jekyll is such a clean, lightweight site generator, but it can be hard to keep your project organized if your site uses a lot of pages. Luckily, you can use this Github-Pages-friendly method to create a dedicated _pages directory inside your project, keeping your root directory clear of disorganized bloat. It’s very simple to add this functionality:

  1. In your Jekyll project’s _config.yml, add this line:
include: ['_pages']
  1. Then, create a directory called _pages at the top level of your project.

  2. Add pages to the _pages directory. And give them frontmatter, like this:

title:     My Awesome Page
permalink: /awesome
layout:    page
  1. Frontmatter is very important! The permalink field must be defined for every page in the _pages directory, otherwise you’ll receive a 404. You may also need to change the layout property to match your desired layout.